What To Expect

Overview and Opportunity

The OU Impact Accelerator accomplishes its mission through three main phases: selection, education, and graduation.
Education includes a comprehensive curriculum to help nonprofit founders grow their ventures and ultimately, their communal impact. We do this through seminars, skills building, collaboration with peers, mentorship, and coaching with OU professionals. The goal of the education is to empower nonprofit founders to think critically about their ventures and have a plan for strategic growth and impact.

I. Leadership: Behind every great idea there needs to be a great leader too! Learn key leadership skills to help you and your team strive forward.
II. Strategy: Refine who you are, what you do (and don’t do!), and how you do it.
III. Operations: Nonprofits (do and must) run like a business! This will include tools, governance, legal requirements, and financials.
IV. Fundraising: Learn and execute the different nonprofit fundraising techniques and methods and create a fundraising plan.
V. Marketing: Learn how to market your venture to the public and how to get the community interested and involved with what you are doing.
Additional Offerings:
● Venture Mentor Clinics
● 1:1 Venture Collaboration
● Coaching
● Dedicated Mentorship
● Industry Experts
● Cohort Collaboration
● Alumni Relationships and Events